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Cause I know the non-stop action here at Bunniblog keeps you people going despite the complete and utter lack of comments I receive-ahem- I got the following email from the Beast

Alright action Jackson.

I ain't talking about you editting my thesis. I was thinking of my more personal scienctific writing. It might be interesting for you to read. At least it will be a contrast to the drivel in those those blue blues I reviewed over drinks with you at F's.

How is your writing coming along? Any new material?

Uh more personal scientific writing? Have you been fraternizing with the protein trays again?

And is the "ain't" suppose to so rile and inflame the teacher deep in my soul (or sole as one of my students recently spelled it) that I am helpless but to correct this writing, this writing that might be interesting. That it would be a contrast no doubt-that I have the time to reading anything that is most confirmedly interesting, nevermind the stuff that there are vague allegations about.

And notice only now does he ask about my writing

I already sent him the link to bunniblog once, but should I send it again? Wouldn't it be fun for him to come here and find his emails and his nickname? Especially since it seems I'm not going to get anything else out of him. And the wit and pointed comments don't seem to be eliciting the response I want, so is blogger Jin's "I want Godiva chocolates and prime dick" suggestion so off the mark?

I'd ask you people, but you never respond. Well, at least I'm too busy to email him back until tomorrow anyway.

As if I'll know the answer then.

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