You've got to be kidding

Jin and I were discussing the Beast situation today. I tell Jin that I would consider reading the thesis as long as I get something out of it like say sex or dinner or a nice bottle of chianti.

Jin: So you got to tell him that. You gotta set your terms. You gotta tell him "I want Godiva chocolates and prime dick. I don't want no regular dick." ( mimes chopping on a board) "I want that dick right there. See that, that's just by-product." That's what you gotta say.

B: But it's so much more effective when you do it.

So in response to my email to the Beast( here it is to refresh your memory: You really know how to sweet talk a girl-not even dinner and movie first?) I get this back:

Awh come on!

You know how personal writing is. You are afraid to show your stuff to anyone you know.

Uh, ok first of all I post my writing ( and by the way yours too) on the web for all to see - and yes he knows I have a blog and the address, but I reckon he has never bothered to actually come here in the same way he is asking me to do this huge favor without actually picking up THE DAMN PHONE.

And I'm hoping that if his thesis fails, he is going to have a better comeback than "Aw c'mon."

My response was "OK when I am done correcting the 8- freshmen papers a week and my eyes stop bleeding profusely the best way to spend the twenty minutes of leisure time I have is not reading a doctoral thesis-but if you make it worth my while, I might reconsider-quid pro quo baby-you got to give action to get action"

I personally like fusing the Hannibal Lecter ( "Quid Pro Quo") with Buddy Ackerman ( Kevin Spacey's character in Swimming with Sharks-"You gotta give action to get action"). It makes my little cineophile heart beat.

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