The Devil took the six train

So the other day after my thesis correcting extravaganza, the ex-boyfriend and I lay on the couch and watched "the Devil's Advocate." (Actually first we tried watching "Barbarians" on the history channel, but it proved to deep for our fried noggins.)

Anyway, there are two scenes where the Devil, played by Pacino, takes the subway. Initially, I found it odd as I always pictured the Devil taking one of those white stretch Hummer limos with the zebra print interior (complete with interior mood lighting no less). But upon reflection, I realized that of course the Prince of Darkness would support the MTA as only the truly diabolical could dream up such a simple, yet effective, form of torture as the New York subway system. ( And don't even get me started on the buses here. I think that's a whole section of the Inferno that Dante forgot.)

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