You know I was going to put up this terribly kinky post about how many people fantasize about their teachers and how this makes me feel but.....

I return from class to find Enfant Terrible and Spinster chatting in my office. Now that I don't mind that so much. We often use the office that just happens to be closest or has the fastest internet connection with no hard feelings. I do mind when I show up to my office, and the people "borrowing" it make such a show of it being an inconvience for them, especially as they are just chatting.

I sat down and put down my stuff as Enfant Terrible, who rarely acknowledges I exist, slumped down in the opposing chair and demanded I give her some of my lunch because she was hungry. She kept insisting. Now I have no problem sharing my food with people if I think it'll be a fair situation. I often treat people to lunch or drinks because I know that these people will, at some poin in the future, treat me. It will eventually come out even. Also, I often treat people, if they don't have money and I actually like them. Enfant Terrible falls into neither category especially when she is sitting in my office uninvited. She is especially possessive of the food she brings in. If anyone so much as looks at her bagel, she has a fit. So I refused her. Several times. She reminded me of the drunken guys who hit on me in bars, "What part of no didn't you understand?" I was tempted to say.

Then she launches into a diatribe about her novel, and after all these months of work it's done; she is worried it's crap. What she wants me to do is stroke her ego. Like I have that kind of time. So after I tell her for the fifth time she should just submit the novel and stop worrying it, which is the last thing she wants to hear, she decides to leave my office. But not before asking me, "Do you have to work here? Can't you work in one of the other offices so I can check my email?" Mind you, I'm in the middle of typing of something. So I said, "Enfant, it's my office." Finally, she left.

Jeez....I mean, is it me or is that just amazingly obnoxious? Feel free to share with me your obnoxious cow-rker stories to make me feel like I am not alone.

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