No Sleep to Brooklyn

Tomorrow I rise early to go to Brooklyn. From there I shall be catching a ride to Providence RI where I shall be attending the horror film festival there. A whole weekend in the dark with lots o' the spooky. Packed my outfits, candy, killer rabbit, DVDs to be signed, spooky t-shirts, even have my House of a 1,000 Corpses lunchbox filled with road snackies. Not to mention a date already lined up. (Don't worry. He's already enslaved and I'm not really interested. But far be it from to prevent some poor languishing fool from buying me dinner.)

But I thought I would leave you with this picture of myself and Marv with my new heartthrob Jason Yachanin the male lead of Poultrygeist. (It's the smile.) Fangoria was the first horror convention for both of us. Marv even allowed Jason to hold him. Clearly it is Fate.

Now off to bed.

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