Good-Bye Hoboken
I promise the travelogue will resume later tonight, but today I am going to go play in the snow...I LOVE SNOW. I am indeed a snow bunny. And then I am going to come back here and make pasta fagioli followed by a gingerbread cake for Julie's Birthday. (Julie, the chili marinated goat cheese is marinatin' as we speak). Lucky for me I went to the grocery store last night on my way home from French class otherwise I would be re-enacting Scott of the Antartic just to get buttermilk and brown sugar.

However, before I go play in the snow like I'm five, (Oh I want a sled!) I thought I would share with you this metafilter post about NJ possibly ending up underwater. Whether it's true or not the headline "Good-bye Hoboken", the town where my ex resides (or used to, he may have enrolled in witness protection by now and be living under the name Earl in Wisconsin), made me see the bright side of Global Warming. Which is ironic on a day like today.

I've been waiting for this snow for two years. And now, to play! (I'll bring my camera.)

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