I Love the 80s: Stephen King
Chopper was legendary for the fact that he was trained to "Sick balls!" Richard Dreyfus played the narrator who is writing the story, a stand in for the author Stephen King. The story was taken from the book Different Seasons. Apt Pupil and the Shawkshank Redemption were also inspired by stories in that book. The boys were going to find the body of Ray Brower, a classmate who died when he was hit by a train.

King wrote the screenplays for many of his novels including The Shining (which he hated) Christine, Carrie, Cujo, and Firestarter. (He liked the letter C apparently.) While he hated the Shining, what film did he write in which the machines suddenly seem to have minds of their own? In the segment of Creepshow titled "Something to Tide You Over" Ted Danson and Becky Vickers play lovers who find their lives endangered when Becky's husband discovers the affair. Who plays the villanous husband? In Silver Bullet, what soon to be 80s heartthrob played a wheelchair bound boy battling a werewolf?

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