I Love the 80s:Mysteries of the Unknown
Tiffany continues to be the one to beat-Leslie Nielsen was the murderous hubby, and in Maximum Overdrive the machines take over (and an ATM calls King an a**hole in the opening montage). Corey Haim plays a wheelchair bound werewolf slayer.

In the late 80s, Time Life put out a series of books entitled Mysteries of the Unknown. I was both fascinated and terrified of the paranormal. So, of course, I bought the series. Or rather part of the series. I spent hours reading about spontaneous human combustion and then stay up half the night convinced I was going to to combust. (It never happened.) Neither did alien abduction, the raining of frogs, or demonic possession. Eventually my mother got sick of the week long insomniac vigils that accompanied the arrival of each book and canceled the series. Even the ads were scary. (The pictures of the Greys still scare the crap outta me. Particularly late at night in the middle of nowhere, which is where I grew up.)

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