How the New Blogger is Like a Bad Boyfriend

Have you ever had this happen? You have this boyfriend and yes you appreciate him, but let's say you don't appreciate him enough and then suddenly he starts changing and he tell you that he's a lot happier and that things between you and he are better, but in fact now you are having a lot of problems and when you try and tell him that he doesn't listen? Well the new blogger is like that I haven't been bloggin as much lately mainly because everytime I try and blog I get this error message, which sucks and pisses me off.

Don't get me wrong you still love the boyfriend. And I still love blogger, but I miss the old blogger. The old blogger, which never gave me an error message. The old blogger that used to put the seat down. The old blogger that called when it said it was going to. The old blogger that remembered my birthday.

Um, I think I got sidetracked

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