I am the dog? I am the dog?
The above quotation is from When Harry Met Sally, it's one of those random lines that no one but me notices.

OK so do you remember Casey my insane colleage with the bad relationship ( which he has finally stopped talking to me about probably because it is now definitively over-pardon me while I give myself a big Marv Albert "YESSSSS!")? You probably don't ( and this, people, is why the good lord made archives). Remember my last posting about the failure of evolution to weed out the less desirable profs in my department? Well here is part two.

We are all given a core reading list. These are readings that we have to teach no matter what. And on the core reading list is Augustine's Confessions. Fine, good. And at this meeting I was at, Casey has to present the text, basically to give us all (ie the people who imagine themselves too important to do their own research) a similar base for teaching the text. One of the things Casey brought up is although Augstine is conceptualized as "an old white guy" considering the area he was from, he would probably be of very dark skin tone. ( I think he was educated in what would be today Algeria.)

So fine presentation done. Today I am at the copier and Casey comes up in purple face mode. ( He's a blusterer, but an ineffective one because he blusters about everything from his coffee being warm to the war.) What is he blustering about? Let's just call her The Mistake. The Mistake has comes up and the follow conversation takes place-

Mistake: "Um can I borrow that book by that African guy?"

Casey: "What African guy?"

Mistake: "You know the African guy you were talking about the meeting?"

Casey:"You mean St. Augustine's Confessions?"

Mistake: "Yeah that."

Casey:"Uh, you already have a copy of all the core reading."

Mistake: "I do?"

Casey: "Uh yeah in the bag of all the other required books."

Mistake: ( paws through bag that has sat untouched under her desk) "It's no---oh here it is. ( looks through book) So this is about like christianity and stuff right?"

Casey: "Uh yeah."

Mistake: "Ok thanks."

People is so much to ask that the professor's read the required reading? Cripes no wonder my students are such slackers.

And as Casey pointed out, with all the extra work I do, all the time I spend online answering questions and finding video clips and writing insightful questions to guide my students-this woman and I make the same amount of money.

Fuck the gun. Send me an oozie.

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