The more I date, the more I love my cat.

So it has been confirmed that this is indeed the work of a student. A student of mine from last year, which means a couple of things. First it means a 20 year old student went to the trouble of recruiting a 31 year old man to "mess with me." ( And that the aforementioned man is a borderline pedophilic twit-ok he's not a pedophile but tell me a 30 year old doing something for a 20 year old he's never met isn't a little icky)

But even more disturbingly it means that I have to change the web address for bunniblog since an enterprising student could use my screename to search through google and come out here. ( Even though this site is anonymous, and technically anything I write in my free time should not be the business of my employer, unless its during company time which it isn't or with company facilities which again it isn't.) So don't be surprised if some time next week you come here and find nothing a few empty cokes cans to indicate that once there was a mighty blog here. Don't worry I shall re-open bunniblog at a different address. One more difficult to trace through my screen name.

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