It's too expensive to stay single

I'm not going to print the whole profile, but again this one bears repeating:

Even a sex machine such as myself can only keep going for 8-10 hours at a time;

Ah, it's nice to finally meet a man who knows his limitations.

On the other hand, in the context of the profile the very loooooooooooong profile he wrote, it was just a joke. And it made me laugh, which made me consider responding because god knows I haven't had any kind of positive response to a profile in a long time. But then I saw he hadn't included his email and I would have to go the trouble of inventing another whole profile so I could send a free email and it was just way too much trouble. I mean this guy sent me this big long letter he couldn't have included his email address?

And beyond that, who knew being single was so expensive? All these single events way over charge. Date bait at the Y is thirty bucks to sit in a room for an hour and half with just coffee and cookies and desperation. For five bucks I can get a good drink at a nice Irish pub or for two bucks I can hang indefinately at DT UT with a cup of lukewarm tea.

Membership for snatch is almost 25 bucks a month making it, and this is hard to believe, more expensive than AOL. Mate is a more reasonable 9 bucks a month, and true I spend more than that on tea so I should just spring for it. But when I think about how much effort and money I already put into dating and I need conserve funds so that my cat isn't out on the street when I am old and gray I am loathe to put up money to meet these people. Especially when the few times I have, they have been outstanding failures (2 snatch memberships, Date bait, and the singles cruise).

So I think I am just going to stay in and have tea tonight and hope that what my friends say is true, I'll find the right man when I'm not looking for him, which means he'll be breaking in tonight sometime after I fall asleep.

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