I Love the 80s:Allergy Break
Maila "Vampira" Nurmi attempted to sue for alleged unauthorized use of her likeness and character., Elvira's closing line for each show, wishing her audience "Unpleasant dreams," was notably similar to Vampira's closer: "Bad dreams, darlings..." uttered as she walked off down a misty corridor. The court ruled in favor of Peterson, holding that "'likeness' means actual representation of another person's appearance, and not simply close resemblance." Peterson claimed that Elvira was nothing like Vampira aside from the basic design of the black dress and black hair. Nurmi herself claimed that Vampira's image was based on a Charles Addams' character in The New Yorker magazine. Elvira was a spokesperson for Coors beer in 1988. (A serious departure from Mark Harmon.

Well it seems being up all night has given me a fit of sneezies so I need to take some meds and have some tea. Check back here at 7:30 for more madness.

Tiffany, I am going to propose that you get sainted. Seriously you are awesome.

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