I'd love to see you in the night with your head thrown back and your body on fire.

The above quotation is from After Dark, My Sweet.

What is it about knowing you've been bad when you're in a busines meeting pretending to be all professional that is just so satisfying? And I don't mean bad in the "Oh my g-d the police are going to find out and I'm going to jail unless I find a trash compacter and chainsaw in the next five minutes" sense of the word, I mean bad in the "I've been a bit naughty" sense of the word. Not reallydangerous, just flirting with dangerous. Like "Oh hey there bad, why don't you come over here and sit on the couch next to me" while you sit in such a way that your skirt rides up just a little bit to show one extra inch of leg. Are you with me people? Do you feel it yet?

There's something about sitting in a business meeting and knowing that twelve hours ago you were passionately kissing some handsome blue eyed man. Something really fabulous that while you sit there and have serious discussions about the implications of the Symposium and what should be part of the ideas presented from the Confessions, that you were sitting on your couch with one arm around your waist and the other in your hair, your hair that was up in a pony tail, and is now a disheveled mess. Some snuggling satisfaction in knowing about this secret side of yourself, of thinking about him right then and there, and no one knows it. It is, dare I say it, a 9 1/2 weeks like moment.

And just because I stumbled upon it, it is for moments like this that there is the amazing vibrating br. No I don't own one, but I am curious. How the hell is a vibrating bra discreet? Does it ask the other people in the room to leave first?

Oh wait I'm not telling you what you want to know, which is who was I being naughty with? Well for now I shall call him Bishop, since he was carrying a book on chess when I met him. I will fill in more details later.

Oh the mystery!

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