Temptation Island

I admit it, I watched the last episode while I was grading papers. What was interesting to me is that the men are all saying that now they are totally ready to commit, they love their girlfriends and miss them. On the other side of the island there are two chicks, one of whom says she loves her boyfriend but thinks she "needs to work on herself" and another girl who feels that she no longer knows the man she loves.

What is particularly interesting is that when video time came around tapes of the men had much more provocative and scandalous behavior than the women. ( One video tape included conversation so explicit the girl had to watch the tape with headphones.)

So although the men say they miss their girlfriends, they are acting more flirty with the girls than the women who claim to be questioning their own relationships.

Personally I feel for the girl who said she didn't know the guy on the tape. Maybe he was acting that way because he doesn't care about this other chick and so is just saying whatever x-rated garbage is coming into his head. Maybe he really has been hiding his inner freak for fear of offending his girlfriend. But I understand her situation. Here she has been in a long term relationship with this guy she think she knows. Now that this part of her image of him has been disturbed what can she trust? What else has she been wrong about?

I'm not saying it's as dramatic as all that but I'm sure that's how it feels to her. Freud thought that the cause of depression was reality interrupting fantasy-mourning the loss of something never really aquired.

And also, a last snarky remark, the girlfriends on the show are for the most part quite beautiful. The guys are, um, well, for the most part unattractive and doltish. (The blonde one with the "hair everywhere" look-what a yutz!) Most strike me as the types of guys we would have ragged on in college as "bridge and tunnel crowd." I think the guys would be better suited if they took the time to get a make over. A decent haircut, some nice clothes, and little accent tweaking.

But deep down I want to be on Temptation Island. And I think I've provided more than enough evidence that I would be a great candidate for the show. After all I am seemingly irresistable to men who already have girlfriends or wives. Then, on the other hand, I don't know if I want to spend three weeks seducing the bridge and tunnel crowd when I can do that right here.

Well, I could at least get a good tan.

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