"But enough about me. I want to know about you. Like what did you think of me in the first act?
-Anne Bancroft talking to her soon to be lover Tim Matheson in the Mel Brooks remake of Jack Benny's film "To Be or Not To Be"

The Academy Award Nominations for this year are out and I've seen surprisingly few of them. Some of the nominations are surprising to me (that ANYTHING from Something's Gotta Give got nominated is beyond me), but most are fairly predictable.

Despite the fact that I have seen pathetically few of the films nominated, I will still be watching the Academy Awards this year, as I do every year. When I was young, I loved the awards, but now it something of a depressing evening. Most of my friends eschew the Academy Awards nevermind an awards party like we used to have back in the day when I was in TISCH. Occassionally there are moments that bring back to me what I loved most about the awards, Benini talking about making love to everyone in the firmament, Cuba Gooding Jr. jumping up and down when they tried to cut him off, Saradon crying after she FINALLY got her Oscar. But those moments are few these days. Still there is something about it, watching and hoping to catch one of those few moments when an actor is, however fleetingly, honestly and utterly himself.

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