In The Island of the Colorbind, Oliver Sacks describes a Norwegian named Knut suffering from achromatopsia (complete colorblindness - in the general population only 1 in 30,000 suffers from the disorder) landing on the island of Pingelap where fifteen percent of the population has the same disorder:

Though Knut had read the scientific literature, and though he had occassionally met other achromatopic people, this had in no way prepared him for the impact of actually finding himself surrounded by his own kind, strangers half a world away with whom he had an instant kinship.
-page 53

I had always wanted to find such a place. My island. I went to a high school nicknamed the Island, I came to Manhattan ( another island of the unusual-or at least it used to be), but I never had that feeling of being surrounded by others who knew, who understood.

After the blogathon was over, I was scrolling through my comments. Because I was running two blogs, Bunniblog and All About Boys, and the computer I was on kept acting hinky it was hard to keep track of anything other than the next post. As I was scrolling through I discovered a woman named Nikki had posted a comment for her blogathon blog. I followed the link and discovered that she was blogging for the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Fund, and she was posting the profiles of children who had or currently were coping with this disease.

When I talk about what caused my disability, I am often vague. Rarely do I identify the specific form of cancer because the few times I have, the response is typically a skeptical "Well, I haven't heard of it." As if I have the time and energy to invent non-existent types of cancer. So generally I say, "I had cancer" and leave it at that.

I had also never met another person who had suffered from this type of cancer. Not one.

Until I followed those comments. And for the first time in 30 years, I found children who had the same disorder I did. And as sad as some of those profiles are, I felt such relief. I wasn't alone. There are others: Kylie, Abbie, Dylan, Keira, Ruth, Georgia, Connor, Josh, Codey, Anna, Raymond, Erin, Susan, Kaitlyn, Benjamen, Ethan, Razak, Eden, Chandler, Aleah, Daniel, Samantha, Sydney, Sean, and Micah.

Oh brave new world.

Quite unexpectedly, the blogathon helped me to find my island, surrounded by strangers who are sometimes more than half a world away with whom I have a kinship.

The Spider Who Loved Me
I was taking a shower before going out to dinner, and I looked up and saw this big spider above the shower. Now he wasn't quite as big as the spider at the end of Stephen King's It, but he was big enough to need a wide angle lens should I have wanted to take a picture. However, it is the country, and I'm sure he got that way by eating lots of bugs that I dislike even more than spiders. So I was happy to let him hang above the shower UNTIL THAT BASTARD DECIDED TO DESCEND INTO THE SHOWER WITH ME.

Now I understand, I'm attractive. I'm all lathered up. I'm naked. How can he resist? And honestly a little company in the shower is nice, but I only accept company that has two legs, three at the most, but eight is right out. So, of course, I jumped out of the shower and began running around until my mother removed the spider to another location because killing him would be wrong.

Sadly, that's the most action I've had this week.

Maybe I should have given him my number first.

And the Winner is...
Here are the scores. Feel free to double check. I've also listed the names of the films correctly identified by each person.

OE AKA Office Elf 11 points

Correctly Identified: Demonic Toys VS Puppetmaster, Candyman, Opera, Slither, Zombie Honeymoon, The Prophecy, The Man With The Screaming Brain, House, Sphere, and Hard Candy

Bonus Points: 1 for George Wendt in House

Darkkat 7 points

Correctly Identified: Shivers, Maximum Overdrive, Cemetary Gates, Wishmaster, Bad Taste, Dog Soldiers, and 2001 Maniacs

Milktea 1 point
Correctly Identified: Deep Blue Sea

RG 1 point
Correctly Identified: Demon Seed

Kiss Kiss 1 point
Correctly Identified Blade II, and he should have 'cos I saw it at his house

The winner is OE, which is great for me because he lives in NY and thus will save me a lot of postage. Darkkat is a runner up and entitled to a consolation prize for the effort. For your time/effort, you have won an assortment of horror themed candy from Dylan's Candy Bar.

I keep trying to post photos from the 'thon but blogger has decided that's not a good idea. So if you go here, you can see Bunni's Central Command before and after the 'thon plus my inspirational office staff and, of course, the Cat Who Hated Blogathon.

In other news, because of the response to All About Boys I've decided to keep it up. When the blogathon was over, I still had boys stories to tell. So once a week I shall post a boy story over there. It shall be added to my links section. Don't worry, I'll remind you.

Incidentally, after the 'thon while I was asleep my mother printed all the stories at All About Boys and started reading them. What I do for charity.

Final Credits
The final film was Wolf Creek!

Photo Finish

I didn't expect it the competition to be so close so I'll be announcing the winner on Monday, once I can trust myself to do simple things like add.

Cast and Crew
(I will supply appropriate link love when I am not so brain dead, I promise)

Cheerleading and support by Bakerina, Kiss Kiss, Keith, Nic (my monitor), Darkkat and My Office Elf
Location scout and caterer: Mere Lapin

IT staff, tea supplier, and dance choreographer: Blogmonkey

Additional Research, critter wrangler, and fake snow supplier: Adam
Killer rabbit stunts: Marv
Official critter overseer: Napoleon
Could not have completed this project without: IMDb, Netflix, Icons of Fright, Fangoria, The New York City Horror Film Festival, Myspace, Scrine, Blogger, Gmail, Lush, Grace the Movie, Red Bull, Dylan's Candy Bar, Dell, and Blogathon itself

A special thank you to all my sponsors

To all the people who worked on these films, the clearly in need of medication writers, meglomaniacal directors, hopefully hygienic maggot wranglers, compulsive cobweb arrangers, narcoleptic continuity editors, insect actors, somewhat misguided foley editors and all of the other folks who work on horror films often in terrifying conditions for little pay and no recognition-Listen I kid, but I love your work-let’s do lunch
To my father who was the one who started it by inspiring my love of horror films
I miss you

The New Nightmare
Personally I don't there is anything as romantic as decapitation. But you know that's just me.

Speaking of romance, here is your final film challenge:

"Now as I keep telling you, I always use a rubber with you cunts! (girl screams) Well I don't know where you been!"

The answer will be listed in the Final Credits for Blogathon 2006

'nuff said.

Next film:
“Just because it’s a love story doesn’t mean it can’t have a decapitation or two.”

Maximum Overdrive
Well, I had to have ONE stephen King movie in here somewhere.

Next film:

Woman: Is that thing biting you?
Fisherman: Some strange fella stick his hand in your hole, wouldn't you bite him?

The Brothers Grimm
Part Frighteners, part Sleepy Hollow.

When a mysterious comet passes close to the Earth, machines, including ATMs, electric knives, and trucks, all over the World come alive and go on homicidal rampages.

Demonic Toys VS Puppetmaster
if you can believe it, essentially this film was a Very Sci Fi christmas. By the way, what happened to Corey Feldman? Suddenly he's appearing in Troma films under the name Kinky Finkelstein and direct to sci fi movies? I thought Christian Slater had suffered a fall from grace, but nothing compared to this guy.

Corey, call me, we'll do lunch.

The next film line is dedicated Bakerina, my sister in sleeplessness, “All I wanted was some order…and a little quiche would have been nice.”

Dead Serious
OK just trying to get the clues up people

Here's your next premise:

A toy manufacturer and devil worshipper plans to take over the world by using demonic Christmas toys and a puppet and doll maker, his daughter, and four living puppets are the only hope of saving Christmas and the rest of the world.

House of Wax
featuring perhaps the lamest striptease in cinema history-the only person this film would have horrified was Gypsy Rose Lee

Next premise:

A gay bar in NY becomes the focus of a vampire epidemic designed to eradicate homosexuality.

Yeah, I don't have anything either.

Here's your next film premise:

This alledged remake of a Vincent Price 3-D original features two Siamese brothers, surgically separated, attempting to realize their mother’s dream.

There is a whole lotta bad goin’ on in this film from J Lo to John Voigt with a Spanish accent not to mention the scrotum leech imagery in the script. Terrifyingly there is sequel called Anacondas.

When a college student looking for a job is hired by a doctor experimenting with snakes, he doesn’t anticipate that he will become the doctor’s test subject for a new serum that slowly transforms him into a giant snake.

Hell High
I wasn’t particularly impressed by this film until I watched with commentary by Joe Bob Briggs. One of the opening scenes features a young couple getting impaled in a swamp. As Briggs says, “You know that this had to be film in the NJ meadowlands. In a swamp, you get eaten by an alligator, you get chopped up by an outboard motor, you drown. Only in NJ do you get impaled by a swamp.” In fact he was so amazed by the scene that half way through the next scene he interrupts himself to go back and revisit the impaling.

On a side note, I got to meet Joe Bob this year at the NYCHFF. He stared at my hooters, and I was so starstruck I couldn't talk. If it wasn't for Monstervision, I don't know what I would have done on saturday nights in CT. So thank you Joe Bob for all the good memories.

“ You don’t know shit about the shit we’re in.” and “The last time I was in water like this I had to stay up all night picking leeches off of my scrotum.”

One of the things I like about Cronenberg is he can take a seemingly ridiculous premise and make it both believable and creepy.

A group of teens harass a traumatized high school science teacher until she snaps and begins killing them.

More fun with Troma alumnae the DVD of Hostel features one of the most amusing behind the scenes documentaries but one wonders how he got anything done

When a doctor obsessed with a young girl impregnates her with a parasite designed to lower the host’s inhibitions, particularly sexual ones, the disastrous results quickly spread through an isolated condominium.

The Satanic Rites of Dracula
AKA Dracula is Alive and Well and Living in London-Even Christopher Lee couldn't up with a viable explaination for this plotline. Which is sayin' something.

An easy one:
"You made a reservation under the King of the Swing?”

I love James Gunn. And so should you! The name of the film on which Slither takes its inspiration? Night of the Creeps.

Dracula is resurrected by a Satanic Cult with some of the greatest and most powerful men as members. Inexplicably, Dracula uses these men to perpetrate his plan to wipe out the world with a new strain of the Bubonic Plague.

Cemetary Gates
I got nothin'.

Here's an easy on for you from one of my favorites:

“I’ve never seen anything like it, and I watch Animal Planet all the fuckin’ time.”

Special bonus points if you can also name the 1980's film on which this was loosely based. (Hint: It was in last year's blogathon horror film trivia challenge.)

Rawhead Rex
Clive Barker is the connection between Candyman and Rawhead Rex.

When a Tasmanian Devil named Precious is kidnapped and released from a laboratory by animal rights activists, it escapes to a nearby cemetery where it proceeds to eat people.

Apparently blogger is experiencing technical difficulties. Please scroll down and check the time stamp as posts seem to be running out of chronological order.

I want that sentiment embroidered on a throwpillow.

Have I told you about the sleep deprivation yet? And how blogger keeps screwing with my posts? And my computer chooses the most inopportune times to suddenly lock up?

Well I just did. Now for my second energy drink.

Here are two more priceless lines to keeo you entertained:

“You’re right. I don’t believe in the Devil, but something must have started the rumors.”

(this next one is only from the unrated director's cut of the film) “C’mon fuckface, we can’t keep God waiting.”

Special bonus point if you know identify the connection between this film and Candyman

Blade II
Technical error caused delay-apologies

Running out of the witty repartee people. But here is something to be aware of I've been keeping some really really easy ones for those hours when people aren't likely to be awake so those of you looking to make a surprise snatch and grab at the prize-come lurkin' around 3 am or so for some easy questions.

As it is darkkat and OE seem to be engaged in a battle royale for potholder.

Next film:
"They will say that I have shed innocent blood. What's blood for, if not for shedding?”

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