I Love the 80s: Ewoks

Well HAL 2.0 went a little wonky and ate YET ANOTHER POST. .....OH.......THE.....PAIN.

George Lucas created the Ewoks because he wanted Return of the Jedi (1983) to feature a tribe of primitive creatures that bring down the technological Empire. He had originally intended the scenes to be set on the Wookie home planet, but as the film series evolved, the Wookies became technologically skilled. Lucas designed a new species instead, and says his approach was simple: Wookies are tall, so he made Ewoks short.

I liked the Ewoks because I'm a little thing (let's say Alexander the Great would have loved me). The casting call for the Ewoks was the largest casting call for the little people since the Wizard of Oz. While I was watching a making of documentary, a VO proclaimed that many of the actors who showed for the audition were told for the first time they were TOO TALL. My heart just broke. I would have started weeping openly.

So yeah, not as cool as a planet of Wookies, but they gave work to a lot of talented little actors. Thanks Ewoks.

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