I Love the 80s: Legwarmers

Ohhhhhhhh I LERVE ME SOME LEGWARMERS. I might put some on right now and re-enact Flashdance. (No, I won't but you can imagine.) Here Olivia Newton John wdemonstrated the proper way to sport them....with a matching headband of course! I can't tell you how happy I was when these bastards came back into fashion. I ran all the way to danskin so I could relive my golden days of yore. Well, truthfully I was too young to wear the warmers with heels a look popularized in the 80s-so it made extra exciting to finally live the dream! Olivia sang the 80s hit Physical.

In retrospect I can not, for the life of me, explain why this song was a hit. Perhaps the Solid Gold Dancers were involved in a secret conspiracy with John. Hey, it could happen.

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