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Heroism is not absence of fear, it is perseverance in the face of it.

Response to Hostile Shout Out

Oh nothing like blog drama! As you faithful readers of Bunniblog know I got a hostile shout out a few days ago, and some of you readers who know me personally, know I took great umbrage at it. Well I thought I might take a moment and explain why. No matter what any casual visitor might think of bunniblog, I spend a great deal of time changing the template, working on finding new programming, good links, and, generally, one hopes, quality commentary and reporting. That and I really try to put everything on the line in bunniblog. Some have complained in the past that I have been too restrained, and so I am trying to be all out there, but that requires a lot of vulnerability. So when you put this much effort and expose this much of your soft underpinnings and then some random twit comes and is insulting, well, it is hurtful. And so bunniblog wishes to officially thank her readers for supporting her against the random insults of nitwits.

Change in the Template

Blogger, I think, has switched me to Dano, their new blogger program. As a result, I am at a total loss as to how the hell to change my new template. DAMN IT. And just when I was feeling confident in my ability to make minor changes. So if any of you have some helpful hints, not that you all ever do, I would appreciate it.

More Thoughts on J.B.

I've been thinking and think about this. And I have decided to get rid of him. I think we knew this was going to happen when I decided to write about him. I haven't heard from him since saturday anyway. When he calls, and he will, probably tomorrow, I'm going tell him "Sorry, you have to make reservations in advance. Because you see this is a five star establishment here, we don't serve fast food to just anyone. And you want service? Well then you better give respect to the head chef or I won't even fix you a bowl of salt soup."

Perhaps I am just looking for excuses to get rid of him. Perhaps I am over re-acting to a few incidents. Or perhaps, just perhaps I am totally justified in telling this guy to piss off. Since you all liked my fantasy writing before, here is my fastasy of the exchange between myself and JB

(K simply tells JB that she doesn't want to see him anymore.)

JB: What's changed since last week?

K: Only my mind.

JB: Why?

K: You know my father was an odd man. He used to say people only hurt you as much as you let them. Well, I must have let him a lot. I always felt like I wasn't enough, like I had to keep making up for just being me. And when he died it seemed that I sought men that made me feel the same way. I used to say they were pushing me to be a better person. But you know, they were just pushing me period. And they didn't appreciate me for what I already am. And you are part of that trend. And what I realized is that not only do I not need you in my life, but I don't even want you.

JB:So I threaten you intellectually, and you want to run away just because I expose the flaws in your thinking.Just because you can't bully me with your rhetoric and your memory, you get all upset and want to leave.

K: Oh here we go. You think you're "better" than I am. That's the word you used. But what you mean is smarter. Isn't interesting I know most of the stuff you know in fields I never even studied? Just think what I could do to you if I applied myself? There is this theory of mysogyny that it comes from a fear of feminine power. I think you are scared of mend that's why you put down my intelligence. And you know what? You should be. Not only am I smarter than you, I am stronger than you, and I am better looking than you, and most importantly I am a lot better in bed than you. So you should be afraid little man, you should be very afraid.

Nice isn't it? A good little speech. I'll never get to say it, but its a nice little fantasy. And instead of typing out all my objections it says everything I wanted to say in a short amount of space. He makes me feel insulted and you know what I just don't need that in my life anymore. So much for him.

Updates From

Part of my recent reveltion about JB has to do with my popularity at I won't deny it. I don't put much stock in online dating. Most of my experiences range from fairly awful to Hammer House of Horror. But I have gotten some response from some fairly cute guys, including one who I will be meeting on vacation. Oh yes baby, I might for the first time in bunni history TAKE A ROMANTIC VACATION. Please alert the media. Of course something awful will happen, hell come down with speckled rocky mountain fever or something. And beyond that you my faithful public will have to live for two weeks without bunniblog. How will you survive? I shall have to count on my erstwhile nemesis blogger Jin to keep you entertained. ( Jin and I recently got totally trashed on tequila. Say that three times fast.) Anyway, I realized that I have other options and I don't have to put up with twits r us. So I am not going to. So there.

I want to figure out how to have a new counter. On I am averaging about seven new men a day. THAT'S RIGHT BABY SEVEN MEN A DAY.

Every once in a great while, I really do enjoy being me.

Google Watch

Bunniblog is the number one result for searches for bunniblog. WE HAVE THRASHED THE COMPETITION. (Jin-The Jig Is Up came in as the number nine search result. Your donations of tequila and advice will surffice as thanks.)

Bunniblog is the number three result for searches for MissLapin. (Might have to change some names here to protect myself.)

We don't even come in the first one hundred results for bad bunni so we have to work on that people. (Although I am heartened to know there is a hacker out there that goes by the handle fluffi bunni.)

Today on a search for eric kinsman we came up as number 23 out of 39 results. Not bad, but not good either. According to Jin I need to mention his name a few more times. Eric Kinsman, Eric Kinsman, Eric Kinsman. (Hey, it gives me satsifaction to know that I might make myself unignorable to him. So there.)

Strangely enough the one and only result for blogger kay is Jin's site The Jig Is Up!

And that is how we rank this week. Thank you for your support.

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