Bunni, Get Your Gun

I didn't tell you what happened later to day with the Mistake. I see the Mistake and I say to her "Oh I guess I have to talk to you about the Symposium."

The Mistake: Oh no I talked to S. again and I realized that you had already presented about it. And when you present you are fasinating. I took down every word. I would be fascinated if you did a report on the dirt in my shoe. Really. But I do need help with Lysistrata. I haven't read it.

(I kid you not, she said exactly that. I have witnesses ie. the Assless Wonder.)

Bunni:Well I presented on Lysistrata and Antigone too.

The Mistake: You did?

Bunni: Yeah I did all three together. They are all ancient greek texts.

The Mistake: You mean they are all linked?

Bunni: Well Lysistrata was written by Aristophanes and Aristophanes appears in the Symposium as a "character" so clearly Socrates and Aristophanes were contemporaries.

The Mistake: They were? Yeah, maybe we should talk about the Symposium.

I walk away furious that I have to WASTE MY TIME on some idiot who can't even effectively skim the fucking text. TAKE SOME TIME OUT OF YOUR DAY TO DO YOUR ACTUAL JOB. Remember this is the same woman who wanted to teach a seminar on how to "make love to your man." Gentleman, start your engines.

And you know what gets me more than anything? This bimbo has been married twice. I can't get the guy I like to call me, and several others I like apparently have forgotten I have a phone (until their girlfriends are away for the weekend or on their periods or shopping at bloomingdale's and then they show up bet 11 pm and 6 am totally drunk-is there like a sign in my window "Horny? Inquire within." Ok I'm ranting.) AND THIS BITCH GOT MARRIED TWICE. And you know what, the guy who married her was probably fooling around with some nice, loving, caring, smart, funny girl like me- Why do I always do all the work and get none of the pay off?

I mean every once in a while you could at least give me a tip.

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