The Point of the Week

I should be sleeping but I wanted to take this one last moment to write this about Baked Alaska-Baked sent that letter registered mail which means that it cost close to five dollars to send-interestingly he has my phone number but hasn't called.

He probably thinks that as a teacher I appreciate letters more. Because for five bucks I can enjoy his golden prose forever, whereas on the phone his five bucks would be worth barely worth a minute and a half.

Besides none of you would be able to hear the phone call.

So, in his own misguided way, he was right. The letter was definately the better idea.

What's interesting is that genius waits a month to write me. Why wait that long? Was he expecting a letter and then when one came he decided to write?

And this brings me to my next point, which is kind of The Point of the Week "because I'm going to be moving in a kind of circular motion so if you pay attention you'll realize that this actually does have a point!" ( Kevin Spacey- Swimming with Sharks). Anyway I think need to teach a workshop for clueless men called "She's just not interested."

If she looks out the window the ENTIRE DATE and flinches every time you make eye contact----

If as you lean forward, she leans back---

If she picks places to sit where there is purposely some kind of divider or intense distance between you---( trap doors are a dead give away)

If she makes excuses everytime you try to make a date for three months---

If she talks about how hot other men in front of you---

if she actually tries to get you to set her up with one of your friends at party/social event---

If you go to give her a peck on the check and she says she's not that kind of girl---

If she doesn't take return your phone messages for half a year---

If she tells you that is the world was flooded with piss and you lived in the only tree she still wouldn't fuck you---( courtesy of "Parenthood")

And yes, every single one of those, except for the last have actually happened to me at least once


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