I Love the 80s: Over
Ahhhhhh as much as love the 80s, I'm glad that, much like this year's thon, they are over. I really couldn't go back to wearing off center ponytales on my head or wearing a parachute pants and Miami Vice....and the beginning of Oprah....and tele-evangelists...

While I would like to take the time to gracefully thank all of you for your support, I'm exhausted. Sufficed to say a big thanks to Day of Blogs for organizing all of this. To all of my sponsors, you will be getting personal thank yous when I awaken from my coma. To the Plurktopians for showing such strong support especially Tiffany, Wendell, Baker Jen, and Wayne. (If I left you out, please let me know.) To Office Elf for putting up a Facebook note, and Bakerina and Julie for rocking both Twitter and Plurk to get sponsors and support. To my Blogmonkey for sending people this way. To my hunni bunni for texting me to make sure that posts were up all the way until 5 am. (Poor sleepy thing.) To my fabulous monitor Li, who left me oodles o' comments. To Nikki for chatting with me on AIM and featuring me on her blog as well as giving my advice. To metchat and plurk for helping me with material. To HAL for not exploding. To TNT for showing the best X Files episodes tonight. And if I somehow forgot you, thanks for understanding that I am so sleep deprived I can't be held accountable.

In terms of sponsorship, like with past 'thons, I shall keep sponsorship open for another 24 hours. It's not as much fun now that you KNOW I finished it, but hey considering the lack of lead time, I need those 24 hours. (And Nikki I will donate to your fundraiser when I awake I swear.) So keep harassing people to donate.

If I may quote the end of Celebrity Deathmatch....Good fight, good night.

And now I go to bed. Thanks all.

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